Price Comparison

Thinking about booking an Airbnb?  The City of St Petersburg, Tampa and Pinellas County strongly discourage the use of Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway and other unlicensed, owner-listed/occupied properties, as their safety and cleanliness standards are not regulated. Conversely, our property is licensed by the state, county and city, and adheres to the highest hotel standards. In addition to meticulous professional cleaning, we use medical grade cleaning products on surfaces to protect your open surgical wounds.

The average cost for a ONE bedroom surgical stay is $2,750.00 – 3,944.00.

We offer a 1,250 square feet, TWO full bedrooms, two full bathrooms, fully stocked huge kitchen, open living/dining room/kitchen, in condo laundry room, 2 balconies, pool, beautiful grounds and Piper post op amenities for the same price. The condo is professionally, specifically and meticulously cleaned for your surgical stay and rented exclusively to Piper patients.

Hilton St Pete $274/night = $4,110 (one bedroom mini suite 600 sq feet)

Vinoy Resort Downtown $389/night = $5,835 (one bedroom 405 sq feet) or $11,670 (two bedrooms)

Hampton Inn Downtown $249/night = $3,735 (one bed 389 sq feet) or $3,900- $4,920 (two bedrooms)

Staybridge Suites Downtown $181/night = $2,715 (studio suite) $5,430 (two studios)

Condo at Lands End $2,800-$3,750 (two bedrooms)

Multiple vacation units managed by a realtor $2,888 (one bedroom 740 square feet)

English House $1,300 (2 bedrooms/1 bath)

13% tax is not factored into the above costs. Most of the above also have different rates for winter and summer as the tourist season changes.